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Technology is Our Specialty

Founded with one simple premise, make the complicated seem simple.

That one statement may seem simple itself, but it has guided da-parish.com in helping many clients tackle difficult projects, whether it involved one computer or it involved over one hundred computers.

At da-parish.com, we know how to utilize the right expertise for the right job. That's why we've been able to handle everything from the small one-person operation all to the way up to multi-national corporations with offices spread across the globe.

We stay on top of the latest innovations in hardware and software to make sure we offer our clients the right tool for the job. We won't push a hardware or software package just because it is new, we only recommend a product if it fits the business requirements of our clients.

Besides the knowledge of our full-time staff, we also tap into a pool of industry experts. Each of them focuses on a core technology and are experts in that field, recognized for their achievements by winning industry awards.